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About Mixen Concrete

In 2012 Drew Dugdell and his wife Eleanor, through home renovations, were introduced to the niche concept of concrete supplied in small volumes mixed on site in the quantity and time that the customer required. 

It was 2014 when Drew and Eleanor discovered a mobile mixing plant manufactured by the Italian company Kimera, which was different to any other volumetric mixer available.  In fact, Kimera plants are not volumetric mixers – their mixers use continuous weighing systems and flowmeters to produce products mixed by individual constituent weights, not volumes.  This gives the unit the potential to produce concrete mixes above 15MPa and still be in compliance with the Australian Standard for concrete AS1379.

Drew, a Civil Engineer with 11 years experience in road construction and maintenance in south east Queensland, could see the huge benefits that Australian Standards compliant mix on-site concrete supply could offer to road and building contractors and local authorities and other infrastructure owners.

Mixen Concrete is committed to exceptional customer service and competitive pricing whilst providing high quality products with all the delivery advantages of products mixed on site.


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