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Mixen Concrete is an exciting new supplier of small volumes of quality concrete mixed on site and in the quantity you need so you only pay for what you use!

We can supply up to 4m3 of fresh concrete from a single truck, making it ideal for those small jobs.  We manufacture concrete on site at the speed you want, up to a maximum production rate of 25m3 per hour. 

Don’t wait an hour or more for other mix on site suppliers to produce a cubic metre, our system can produce that quantity in as little as a few minutes while maintaining consistently high quality.  Of course, it’s no problem if you need time to complete your job; we’ll mix as you need it and allow generous time relative to the quantity you use.  We are a genuine alternative to traditional mini mix concrete delivery and we don’t taxi pre-mixed concrete from a plant, we make it onsite as you need it.

Mixen Concrete has the unique ability to produce multiple product types mixed on site – normal concrete mixes, lean mix concrete and stabilised sand are just some of the products we can produce.  We can even produce multiple products from the same truck in a single visit!

Our mixes are designed and produced in accordance with Australian Standards, so you know that you are getting a high standard of product.

Fast, convenient and no mess concrete.

Standard Concrete

Up to 32MPa concrete strength and at desired various slump. Maximum aggregate size is 14mm. 10mm maximum aggregate size is available by pre-ordered request.

Lean mix concrete

5MPa concrete mix generally used in road pavement applications

Moisture controlled sands and aggregates

10mm or 20mm aggregate, crusher dust or washed sand for applications like subsoil drainage or pipe bedding and trench backfill

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Phone us on 1300 812 410 to book or to discuss your requirements.

We deliver

We arrive onsite at the arranged time and supply you with the type and quantity of product that you’re after.

We can be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for your convenience. 

You build

We can discharge your product into a wheelbarrow or direct into the work area!

And we always carry extra materials so it’s no problem if you need a little more than you first thought.

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